Dear Constituents — This website is not live because Mr. Gebbia refused to pay for the work that was done for him. Mr. Gebbia needed a landing page right away, it was provided to him within days. Mr. Gebbia wanted a specific website "right away", it was provided to him. Mr. Gebbia couldn't afford the initial quote, it was adjusted for him. Mr. Gebbia signed a contract and promised payment was coming. Mr. Gebbia's requests were met! Mr. Gebbia DID NOT pay for this work. He stopped answering phone calls, emails and text messages. Instead Mr. Gebbia turned to a website forum and hid behind his computer and gave a bad review for the company that did the work for him. The "bad" company kept his website up for at least 6 months while trying to collect their money — eventually, it was taken down. It has been a year now and still no payment. A good company, taking the word of supposedly an "honest man" that payment was coming and began the work for him because it was so urgent!

Shame on you Mr. Gebbia. Is this who you want as your next Congressman?

Pay your bill Mr. Gebbia and this will go away.

Sincerely — The company that rushed for you, interrupted their multi-million dollar company workflow for you, gave you an extremely affordable website price and kept your website up for way longer than it should have been because we're good people and assumed you would honor your word!